At Day 90 I feel like I’m starting to come out of a cocoon, I’m honestly in a much better place in my life.

I just want to say that my journey has only just begun. When you are able to overcome your addiction to masturbation and can control your sexual energies, you are going to be a brand new person. I have no desire to MO ever again, I can deal with P because I don’t M (and the secret is never edge, one stroke is a masturbation reset [i only say this because I think a lot of guys want to cut pornographic imagery out of their life except I think that’s not feasible, I think it’s better to overcome your weakness to seeing such images; they’re going to be on tv, at the mall, instagram, everywhere… you need your defense muscles to be strong, cutting out porn COMPLETELY as to avoid edging isn’t going to work in the long term is my philosophy, but yes stop seeking it out])…

So yeah, I’ve been trying for a few years thinking two weeks would be like super-man status, but once I decided I’m never going to edge again it became much easier and my life is changing before my eyes.

I’m honestly achieving so many goals easily that I thought would take me years, and I can’t wait to see what my life is like in one year because things are changing so fast! I’m starting to believe in the law of attraction but that’s a little extra out there for no-fap, but if you’re into that, no-fap definitely has made me have some crazy and wonderful experiences.

At Day 90 I feel like I’m starting to come out of a cocoon, I’m honestly in a much better place in my life. My FINANCES are going up like crazy!

Maybe that can motivate you guys! I hope you can all make it!!!

And if I had one morsel of advice, if you really want to get rid of all the shame, low energy and toxic depression that comes from jerking off alone in your room several times a day – don’t edge even one stroke, or even boner pump against your bed sheets in the morning. Just smile and enjoy the boner because that electricity is going to get recycled in your body instead of make you a basket case.

LINK – Just Hit 90 Days

by eltonjohnson