PIED: I committed because I was sick and tired of a terrible sex life, social anxiety, laziness, and low confidence

What’s up guys. I wanted to make a quick post about my story here.

I got a lot of value from reddit when I started my journey and figured the least, I could do is share my story to hopefully inspire others.

Before NoFap, I had:


– Social Anxiety

– Laziness

– Antisocial

– Low confidence

I made the commitment to make it 90 days because I was sick and tired of having a terrible sex life.

My first attempt at NoFap, I failed day 6. I was so disgusted. This made me realize the dependence I had.

My second attempt at NoFap, I made it 99 days. The reason I didn’t get to 100 is because I got laid (first time in over a year due to a paralyzing fear of getting PIED).

It’s been over a year since I’ve viewed porn and I can honestly say life has been so much better. You don’t realize the negative impact porn has on your life until you get rid of it.

My biggest advice to anyone on their journey:

  1. Embrace the suck. It’s going to suck. It’s not going to be easy. Once you’re okay with that, you’re ready. This was one of the toughest battles I’ve had to fight and I didn’t even tell anyone about it.
  2. Fuck motivation, use discipline. Motivation lasts for a few days, all that’s left after that is discipline. This is HARD. NoFap is one of the most mentally grueling things you can do. Discipline is what you need to get you through the hard times.
  3. Set goals. It’s hard to go through this without any clear goals. My goals were simple: Be able to have good sex. Get rid of my social anxiety. Increase my confidence.

I’m not an expert by any means but if you guys have any questions or anything I could maybe add, feel free to reach out.

Good luck. Fuck motivation, stay disciplined.

LINK – NoFap Changed My Life

by AcceptableNebula3