Being alpha is not for everyone. Respect others.


If you want to know about advantages of no pmo you can read my older posts. I want to discuss another topic. One of the reasons why I started my journey was because I never had a girlfriend, sex or even a kiss. I’m a good looking guy, I workout a lot, I’m successful and money is not a problem for me. But my biggest problem was my social skills.

I didn’t know how to talk to women and I saw them as sex objects. When I started my no PMO journey I got “red pilled”, but to be honest it made everything even worse. I kept reading stuff of how to be alpha, how to talk to women, how to f*ck them etc. So basically how to treat people like shit, especially women in order to get laid or get attention.

And you know what, it worked. I got laid, people around me started to respect me more. I became narcissistic. I didn’t even realize that I hurt people. I hurt their feelings and I make them feel sad. I didn’t start my no pmo journey to become an egoistic asshole.

What I want to say is that just be yourself. Don’t try to change. Be who you are. Get rid of your bad habits, but don’t let your ego change you.

Right now I’m in a relationship with a great girl and I’ve never been so happy before. All this “be dominant” mentality is not for everyone. Be yourself, have respect for yourself, for people around you and do good things. And believe me, good things will come to you.

LINK – My 190 days report. Being alpha is not for everyone.

by perkunas6


I started masturbating when I was 12 years old and later it became a daily habit for almost 10 years. I’ve always had problems comforting girls and later women. Never had a girlfriend, never kissed a girl, not even held hands. If I saw a good looking girl at school, I would try to find porn actress who looks like her and jerk off later.

When I got older I spent alot of my time on dating apps to get nudes from women. My brain was so messed up. I saw girls only for sex objects and nothing more. I didn’t even want to meet them, I just wanted to talk with them about sex and I ended up watching porn. It took alot of time to get rid of this, but it’s too late.

When I reduced pornography and masturbation I started dating women and I became a sex addict. I was only interested in one night stands or friendship with benefits. But I was honest to women and I told them what I’m looking for. I didn’t enjoy sex at all, I didn’t feel any pleasure from it. All my sensitivity was gone. I spent even more time chasing women just to get laid and was unhappy.

But one day I told to myself that it’s enough and I decided to quit all this bullshit forever. Now it’s almost 200 days free of pmo and I’m in a happy relationship with a great girl. And I can tell you that only sex with someone you love can be great. The feeling when you can look at your girl, smile at her and tell I love you after sex is the best. It took me alot of time to heal my brain and I’m still healing it. Scars are deep. Time and energy that were taken away from me will never return.

Focus on self improvement. Quit PMO as early as you can. Don’t chase women for sex. Sex addiction is just as bad as PMO addiction. Find a girl who supports you and makes your life beautiful.

I’m still fighting and I’m pretty sure that this can’t be healed completely. But we are all humans and this is a part of our lives. Learn from our mistakes and take as an experience in order to became better and help others. Urges come back sometimes, they are not gone. It’s all about fighting back.

I wish as many people as possible could read this. I’m talking from my own experience and sex can make you as miserable as PMO or even worse. Not having any feelings or emotions for [partners]. It made me hard to find a stable relationship because I wasn’t able to do that before. That feeling after having sex felt the same as after PMO. Feeling lonely and miserable.

LINK – PMO and sex addiction messed up my brain

By perkunas6


Day 207 – I made my girlfriend cry

We had sex and after we both were done she started crying. From happiness. She told me that she never felt so safe, happy and loved before. Her words made me really happy too. Thanks to NoFap and thanks to this community for giving me motivation to become a better man!