Benefits after 90 days of NoFap

Notable Benefits :

  • No Brain fog
  • More confidence and positivity
  • No anxiety
  • Calm and at peace with the present
  • Quality sleep
  • Generally more active and goal driven
  • More social
  • Increase in self esteem
  • Easy to quit other addictions like social media
  • Mindfulness
  • Increase in mental and physical energy
  • No more dwelling on sad thoughts or sad emotions
  • Ease in having eye contact with others
  • Craving for music has increased tremendously
  • Not sure with female attraction part, haven’t yet had any such personal experience.

Once you cross 30 days or so, you decide to quit PMO forever. Nofap and SR becomes a lifestyle and life savior.

Altogether I’m glad that I have embarked on this great journey that’s just filled with great benefits and surprises!!

LINK – Benefits after 90 days of SR and NoFap!

by nandish77