Benefits are 100% real and not a placebo. Please read.

Background information: 25 year old average looking and physique.

Been doing nofap for 40 days and relapsed heavily 2 weeks ago. Looking back to my last 40 days streak. I want to to share my experiences to you guys so that you can cement the nofap values and beliefs that you have(if you are doubting nofap please don’t)

Before nofap: I was fapping every day or other day, i had an okay social life because i did not care about hanging out with people, i was okay with watching youtube videos/podcasts and watching porn instead of socializing. Also, It was hard for me to attract and connect with girls. Basically everything was meh in life( Some of you might relate)

During nofap:

Week 1 was a bit, lets say, uncomfortable with not fapping every single day. Immediate benefits were more time in your hands.(this is actually enough reason for you to quit right? but wait there’s some more), brain fog lifted (though i felt it come back when i eat alot of junk food eg ice cream,sodas etc) also eye contact improves and less stuttering and heavier deep voice( unexpected but pleasant benefit).

week 2: More energy all around and started sleeping less than usual. Now this excess energy(sexual energy?) has to be utilized in a productive manner. I went to gym 5 times a week otherwise i would find myself mentally resisting from not fapping since i felt horny all the time. Lesson from this: when you have excess energy try to release it in a healthy way(gym,running any sports really) and not fap.

week 3: Confidence soared not only because of not fapping but also the slight changes to my daily habits such as eating healthier, working out more, basically taking care of myself and avoiding self-destructive/sabotaging habits loop( you know what i am talking about).

week 4 and 5: High confidence(it kinda felt normal at this point tbh) and i was getting pleasure from small things such as socializing, laughing more and just full of vigor and vitality connecting with people just felt a bit easier than when I fapped( my theory is because of you feel shame and always in my head when i fap every day/other day.)

Biggest achievement for me on a personal level: Attracting girls! Nofap gave me the confidence to kiss 4 girls that i cold approached in this period and was fingerbanging this girl in the club(sorry if this is too vulgar but i have never ever dreamt of doing this in my life before nofap)

​if you game, trust me, nofap will fix a lot of inner game since inner game is just as important as outer game. I was reading tons of pickup books, hundreds of pickup videos but did not have the courage to approach until i started nofap. When your horny, you give less fucks about people staring at you try to talk to that girl.

Disclaimer: im sorry to say this but Nofap is not a miracle BUT it makes your load a lot less heavier to carry. You will see challenges as exciting basically the whole mindset/behaviour changes from

(Preventing being in an uncomfortable situations to actually seeing it as a challenge)

All the best with your journey guys, i am seriously rooting for all of you.

PS: sorry for my bad grammar/formatting

LINK – Benefits are 100% real and not a placebo. Please read!