Age 20 – Benefits are here right now, its crazy. My confidence is insane right now

Somewhere around day 30 I’ve posted a thread about my HOCD. Its still getting weaker btw.

Anyway, my confidence is getting insane right now. Last weekend I could talk to any girl I liked without looking like guilty dog. It feels amazing. Next to that, I almost had a fight last weekend. There were some guys at the club who thought they were tough. I looked at one of them and then they walked up to me, three guys with the same size of me. One of them said: why are you looking at me, do you want trouble? I didn’t respond, just looked him right in the eyes with a death stare, I didn’t felt a little fear. Then I responded with: Are you sure you want to do this? After some talking they walked away and respected me afterwards.

It was insane; I have never had this before. I’m not weak or so but normally my face wouldn’t look like a goddamn lion.

42 days in right now, benefits are here right now, its crazy. I just wanted to share this story to tell you guys how much confidence you can get while doing this.

Stay strong!

LINK – This shit is real (42 days)

by Rambo98