Best decision I made, enjoying sex more, took a gradual approach

Joined this sub in 2019, I was going thru tough time after broke up with my ex. Initially I relapsed non stop for like the first month, couldn’t even last thru a day without sexual thoughts. Then I began to try some progressing method like addiction withdrawal therapy:

First I only limit myself to only masturbate once every 3 days, in between I would actively get out of comfort zones, doing things that made me anxious and uneasy like camping alone, hit up on strangers in a clubs (I’m an introvert, so it was hellish for me) and learning new skills/knowledge. What it does is it occupies my focus 100% and actually provides a sense of achievement at the end of each 3 day cycle, where the fapping becomes a reward.

I gradually move on to only masturbate to audio, by removing visual stimulus, I could force myself to engage my imagination more (as suggested by a redditor here). But I must say it’s very important for you to choose audios that best resembles sex you’ve already experienced in, which means no “step mom, step sis” scenarios, mostly amateur stuffs. This process continues for like a full month, where I would relapse like every 5 days, but the climax is different than you do with video, It feels more like real sex.

3 months in I felt noticeable changes to my body and mind: My appetite grew (probably not a good thing lol), No major mood swings, instructor told me my hand eye coordination has improved a lot etc. And most importantly I found myself enjoy sex even more than I did back then. Looking back I think it’s the best decision I made and I stick to it (made tons of bad mistakes in life along the way tho)

I think the most crucial thing you should do is take it slow, like a smoker would replace cigarette with nicotine patch. By listening to only audios is like the nicotine patch of noFap

LINK – How I go beyond 700 days no relapse

By WickedBaby