Best shape of my life, regained self-confidence


I discovered M and O as a teenager and eventually discovered P. I became a recluse and wasted my life behind a screen. Grateful that I found noFap a few years ago because the disciple that noFap taught me has been the foundation of my success in the past few years. I had phases where I would binge for months and years where I would try, but I could never get 90 days.

My average was around 30 days and my previous record was around 70-80 days when I met my first girlfriend 4 years ago.

Before I started, I was in a very dark place, didn’t have many friends, was a disappointment to my family, getting bad grades, and just got out of a relationship where I was stuck in the friend zone for three years.

I achieved some goals towards the professional and academic aspects of my life. I have been working full time for about 3.5 years and I got promoted twice. I got my masters and I finished with a 3.97 GPA.

I met my first girlfriend four years ago, lost my virginity, got engaged, and recently broke up with fiance. I met a few women before her, but it was never anything real or serious. We broke up recently because she confessed to cheating on me with her ex a year into our relationship and I couldn’t deal with the betrayal. I am still heartbroken; I am sad that we won’t be getting married next weekend, but I am happy that I have been saved from a selfish person. I ignored all the red flags and was blinded by love. Next time I won’t be so naive.

The breakup motivated me to finally say no more to PMO. I have been prioritizing my health by working out every day, eating healthier, taking cold showers, and occasionally meditating. The breakup was 6 months ago. My first round lasted 1 month until I relapsed for 2 months and then finally 90 days in the second round. I am in the best shape of my life, my mood is generally positive, people respect me, socializing more, and regained my self-confidence.

There are days where I am extremely depressed and feel like I am crucified to my bed. Then there are weeks where I feel like I am on top of the world. I have had over 30 wet dreams this time around and those days are usually when I feel down the most. Happiness is the results that come from the many compounded efforts in my life.

I hope that I win against my addiction and never fap. I hope that you can get through this too.

Everyone has their own journey, but your choices in life will define your path.

I did it and so can you!!

In hindsight, it took so long because I always chose to quit.

LINK – 90 Days after 6.5 years

By SoggyYou