Clarity like never before. I am super calm most of the times. Women attraction is over the roof.

Don’t get me wrong.

It is a normal human tendency to have expectations from doing something long term where the basis motivation is what others have promised you indirectly through their personal journey. Just be prepared if everything in life suddenly doesn’t fix itself, give yourself time. Everyone’s journey is different.

I hit day 90 today.

I have read a lot of great posts about people achieving so much by the time they hit Day 90.

I did achieve a lot, but maybe not in terms of external factors.

My current state:

  • I’m still single, but the fact that I can attribute it to WHY, is the revelation due to this journey.
  • I have lost 12 pounds. I’m at perfect BMI and decent shape. Long way to go but feels good.
  • Clarity like never before. I am super calm most of the times, doesn’t mean I don’t have moments of anxiety and impulses, but I have a greater sense of control.
  • Women attraction is over the roof. I had an ex tell me she loves me, had a junior basically ask me out multiple times, overall increased sexual feelings when I’m in the room with someone attractive. I am single because the girl I truly liked is with someone else, due to my fap-only state where I didn’t have the guts to speak my feelings out when the time was right.
  • Increased confidence. And discipline (I cannot stress how important discipline is over mere motivation).
  • Wet dreams. (1-2 times every 7 to 10 days)

What I want:

  • I need to be even more confidence and self assured. (I have self esteem issues)
  • Focusing on my career.
  • Finding a partner/SO.
  • Pursuing my hobbies more
  • Being more aware of what is going around me, which is important to my career.

Why & How you should do NoFap:

I absolutely cannot imagine the state of mind I would have been in if I was not on NoFap. It has become like a way of life now, fapping is not anything I want to do as a “reward”. I think this is the biggest trick in my book.

It is not a reward. Our brains have been socially and chemically engineered to think of it as a reward which is why we get addicted in the first place.

It will give you a greater sense of perspective, chase that. Not a counter.

Lastly, one line which has helped me in developing a lot of productive habits is

“Motivation is temporary, discipline is permanent.”
– Michael Scott.

Thank you for reading through my rants and goals. If there is anything you’d like to know, feel free to ask.

Goodluck on your journey. Actually I take it back, you don’t need luck, I trust in your discipline.

LINK – Day 90: It IS possible you don’t get all that was “promised”…

by naythee69