90 days – I don’t feel dead inside anymore. I can reconnect with the ocean of emotions inside me.

–If you have any questions, feel free to ask I’ll answer them all —

I have been practicing No Fap for more than a year. My last longest streak was about 70 days, then I relapsed and took a month or two before I could get back on track.

Changes I have noticed:

  1. Motivation to talk to women
  2. Motivation to chase after my dreams
  3. Less fidgety and nervous, but still anxious. I am a lot more aware of it and like to feel my anxiety and accept it as a part of life. If I have a project that makes me anxious, good, that means I care. If I see a girl and I get anxious thinking about talking to her, good, that means I am genuinely attracted. I thought that anxiety is something that needs to go away, but instead, it is an indicator of things important to you.
  4. Easier to connect with people and I actually talk about myself (which I never use to because I thought I wasn’t interesting).
  5. Was able to go to bars by myself, socialize with a bunch of people, and have a real good time. I have a lot of social anxiety, and I still have it, but I can now overcome it and have a good time.
  6. I started driving to a city an hour away from my small town to practice street photography. For some reason this use to scare the fuck out of me.

So, here are some major points I think that are important:

Attraction – No Fap HELPS point you in the right direction of being a more attractive person. You HAVE to work out to deal with urges, and this makes you more confident and physically attractive. Your biological imperative for reproducing wakes up and you can use it as an energy source, whether that is to go out and meet women or use it to move towards your goals (or both).

Emotions – I don’t feel dead inside anymore. I can reconnect with the ocean of emotions inside me. Sometimes I feel like shit, but I rather feel that way then dead on the inside. As well, feeling these emotions is imperative for connecting with people.

Physical – I feel stronger when not fapping. I had a lot of shit going on and I decided to trek/run 15 miles. I strapped on a backpack with a belt to secure it to my body, and went out in the cold night to get it done. That’s 9.5 miles farther than I have ever gone. Of course, I don’t always do this, but it was nice to see what I am capable of.

Success – No Fap gave me the motivation to secure a video production job with the city. I had been working at Lowes, Starbucks, and shit like that beforehand.

Dreams – Had my first two wet dreams in my whole life. My brain does sometimes dream about women, but I was starting to watch sexual material in my dream and said, “no” and turned it off. I think that is a good sign. My dreams are starting to become more vivid and pointing things out to me.

——My advice——

Everything is for the long haul. I work out because I want to work out for the rest of my life. Don’t expect to immediately change your life, but try your best to make those changes.

Let the changes happen from your day to day effort. Find things you love and start doing them. Workout. Eat healthy.

And I think the best piece of advice I got… feel your body. When anxious about going out, feel into it, ask it questions, learn to befriend it. When talking to a girl and getting nervous, feel into it and be in the moment. When your emotions are going crazy, feel them and meditate on them.

No Fap to me is a way to reconnect with the body and to remember that we are not purely intellectual beings, but humans with instincts which are very effective to getting us where we need to go.

Thanks everyone, looking forward to my 200-day update and 365-day update!

LINK – Complete 90 days of No Fap – My Improvements so far….

by HippyVegetables