Concentration is better. More energy – now I wake up ready to conquer the day. Confidence – This is by far the biggest benefit I’ve experienced.


Indian guy dancing Yay 90 days, finally. I’ve waited for this day for so long, I’m finally free. I’ll try to keep this short. Here are the benefits of NoFap life, and personal tips & tricks:

  • Concentration is better; I’ve also limited my phone and computer usage, so clickbait doesn’t work on me anymore.
  • More energy; I can work out for longer, and I can wake up easy in the morning. When I was a fapper I would hit snooze multiple times, now I wake up concentrated and ready to conquer the day.
  • Confidence; This one is big, in the past I would have to be either super drunk or in some super fake ego character to approach or talk to girls. Nowadays, I go to public speeddates what my “confident” friends said they are too shy to go on, I talk in public, I stand up straight with my shoulders back as default, I can look others in the eyes for so long and feel calm. I have zero shame. Of course, why would I have any? This is by far the biggest benefit I’ve experienced.
  • Mindset; My mindset is completely different. I am disciplined man, I don’t reward myself for nothing. I clean my room, I provide for my family. I pick my friends carefully and I’ve limited the number of influences over me. Pick right habits, they are important. Start reading more, balance the fiction with self help. For every small accomplishment remember to reward yourself. Treat yourself like you were your own son who needs guidance.

Tips and tricks

1. Relapse…Relapse a lot. Relapse till you are so ashamed that you want to quit. NoFap shouldn’t be challenge you try for fun.

2. Repeat this every time you get an urge “The person I want to become does not masturbate”.

3. Cold showers – They kill urges. They make you comfortable in uncomfortable situations. It’s one of the best life habits you can have. You will be calm as a Zen monk in wild world.

4. Block porn sites.

Reflection: These days I don’t identify any longer with whomever I was for past 10 years. Nowadays when I hear my friends say something about fapping, that idea to me is so strange and distant; I literally have zero urge to masturbate. When I see NSFW scene on TV or somewhere, I just appreciate the act for what it is, without need to pretend and fool my brain I’ve accomplished something.

Don’t touch your penis guys, if you want to relapse, go do it. Really, whoever says that you shouldn’t relapse and keep on fighting is essentially creating the false mindset for you. It should be easy. NoFap should be easy. NoFap gets easy when you get so tired and disgusted by your own actions that NoFap becomes the only solution. And when you fight urges on day X, you are just postponing the eventual relapse.

LINK – No longer addicted – 90 days report

by thenotoriusfap