Confidence, self-control, focus and energy are up

Guys I have a six pack, my voice is twice as deep and everyone likes me now…

Seriously though, this is a huge accomplishment, 90 days felt impossible when I started.. all I ever wanted was to stop viewing the world through hyper sexualized goggles… I’m not there yet, in fact I’m not sure if I’ll ever truly get there…. Aside from the classic, heightened focus, more energy, more confident around women; there are two major things I have taken away from the reboot..

1;My self control/discipline is the best it has ever been, this doesn’t mean I am reading a book and running 20km every day. It just means I’m not being a pathetic man child over adversity.

2;I feel no shame, this is a big one. I do not feel like I am hiding myself from the world anymore, and that alone is worth 10000 days of no fap.

Ps; this has been full semen retention

LINK – Celebrating a completed 90 ‘REBOOT’

By – u/Longjumping-Club-518