Couldn’t stay hard enough to use condoms, now I enjoy them


So like I’m on day 81 of no masturbation and no porn. It’s been a crazy ride but goddamn it’s been good. I’m proud so say I’ve reached the 2 goals(reasons) of why I started the program from the beginning. I used to have a weak erection each and every time I wore condoms and I couldn’t shit if I stayed decently hard. Right now? Damn!! Able to use condoms and enjoy them. I spend most of the time connecting with my girlfriend during sex.

I hardly thunk at all like I used to when I struggled to stay hard while using condoms and imagining other girls while having sex. It used to be so bad but now that has all stopped.

Sex for me now is all about feeling and connection, hard to control. I’ve learnt to also communicating with my girlfriend after sex or just cuddling with her.

I’m literally over porn, I never think about it and even when I do it’s just an eewww moment. And for the fact that I’ve been losing out in all this all my teenage years has made me despise porn and masturbation. I only get blow jobs from my girlfriend and my sensitivity has grow so bad that during BJ’s I just go crazy and ask her to stop coz it’s toooooo sensitive but nice as Fuck.

I enjoy being with people more especially my girlfriend and since I’ve been liftuli weights for nearly a year now my body and personality just go hand in hand and I’m what girls always wanna stare at. Though I’m very committed to my woman.

NoFap has been a life changer for me I’m just happy I got my sex drive back, I’m happy I found a special someone in the process and I’m able to satisfy her emotionally and sexually.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve relapsed to get here. How many tumes I’ve created excuses to make myself feel better about masturbation just to get a fap for the day. Depression and anxiety, those are part of my life and nofap can’t fix them as they are inflicted by people around me. But my self esteem has even boosted by this. I’ve never felt so confident about myself till I started this.

This damn fap thing is a trap and if U do not decide to get out today then you will still be in it tomorrow. We all live life based on our decisions and the big question is…. What’s yours going to be?

Thank you for now. See you on Day 100

LINK – Day 81 no porn NoFap. What a trip

By Prince The Alpha Male

UPDATE – Day 92 of Nofap NoPorn

Okay I Know I promised to come back on day 100 but I had to write an update of how I feel after 90.

It’s been 92 days already and believe it or not it’s just been easy these days. And my sex life is pure amazing I tell you,

Well it’s the only reason I started all this from the beginning and I’m happy with all the benefits I have received since the beginning of this long journey.

I am more focused in getting back to university and completing my studies, it’s the only thing besides family that stresses me out the most these days and I go to gym to ease the stress and not my laptop screen.

✓ I am happy with myself, I can wake up looking nasty and still feel good about myself
✓ All I want is to be around people, new and old. I just want to socialise.
✓Gym has never felt so good to attend
✓Ever since I’ve started seeing the beauty in me, so have other people.
✓The coolest person you can hang around.
✓I have literally stopped worrying about what others think of me coz when U start believing what the haters say you are, then that’s who you are
✓My relationships are healthy, sexually and emotionally, couldn’t ask for more
✓much more respect from other women and men

Theirs are so many benefits that I’ve had since I’ve started nofap. I’m not much of a writer but I hope U get where I’m trying to take U with this. It all started with a decision to finally stop and I am not going back, my brain has lost the battle and I am officially porn and masturbation free.

Never lose hope, read more success stories to stay motivated and persistent. You decide where your journey shall take you, so make that decision now.

See you on Day 105