Age 26 – Crazy confidence, penis feels great, women are attractive, less frequent urination

So this is my second 40 streak of the year because I relapsed REALLY bad after my first streak. But I am never turning back to porn, PMO, or MO.
Here’s what I learned so far.
1. The energy you get from Nofap is REAL. I used to need at least 8 hours of sleep to feel normal. Now I need an honest 5 hours and I am energized throughout the whole day.
2. Ive gotten back my morning wood. And I am getting spontaneous erections. The blood flow to my penis feels really great and it seems fuller. This is great because I suffer from PIED and ED. Ive received oral once since reboot and things seemed fine. I’m actively trying to have penetrative sex.
3. My confidence has been CRAZY. Now I have no problem approaching women and shooting my shot whether its for casual sex or friendship. I wouldn’t say I think woman gravitate more towards me but I have gotten some numbers and have had good conversation.
4. Since day 30 I have been horny as HELL. My desire to watch porn or masturbate has dwindled but my urge to have physical sex with a lady has sky rocketed through the roof. The only problem with this is that I don’t have any consistent sexual relationships so this is tough especially since I want to release. I tried to go on some hook up websites last night and meet some women and accidentally saw some nude pics, but quickly exited out. (Didn’t count it as a relapse and simply moved on even though I was aroused)
5. Wet dreams haven’t given me any noticeable setbacks. I actually enjoy and look forward to them as they give me a familiar release and ease knowing that my brain is rewiring.
6. There’s a peace of mind knowing that someone can barge into my room unannounced and I dont have to quickly reorganize myself or hide what I’m doing. It is very freeing that I have nothing to hide and that Im not constantly on a private browser.
7. I don’t see woman as physical sex objects anymore even though I am still highly attracted to them. I get aroused by physical contact and I can literally feel my desires for something real
8. I think I suffer from frequent urination “OAB” due & nocturia related to PMO for the past 5 years. Even though it hasn’t completely gone away I see that it is slowly but surely getting better. This is actually the main reason why I started Nofap.

Overall I am so grateful and want to encourage anyone out there that feels like they are a lost cause and can’t do this because I felt the same way. You can win! There are some really good days and really bad days but you just have to keep on pushing. Dont get to caught up in streaks or days and just focus on being free from pornography and masterbation. I am grateful for this community and if anyone has a question please contact me!

LINK – Made it to 40 DAYS NO PMO!

by Razorblade45