Crippling social anxiety…gone


There was a time when I felt like social anxiety is the real deal and it must be that I’m lacking something to be anxious around public. But today feels like social anxiety is just an illusion that is caused by brain fog and shame. Today again have been out the whole day. I Went to a lounge, and had very nice time chatting with a friend. Didn’t feel anxious around people, and felt like it’s normal to be comfortable among people. Went to a restaurant and had fun time.

I had severe social anxiety before, crippling anxiety. But now I feel very comfortable around crowds and public places. This is definitely not placebo, because I’ve done many stuff in past and placebo effect didn’t work in the past. This is real stuff, possible due to nofap. This was the most important superpower I wanted

If I can do it, anyone can. I have seen myself going from a normal individual to something very weird and awkward, right before my eyes man. I exactly know what went wrong with me [porn] and I’m in process of correcting it. I’ve never gone this long without fapping in 16 years past.

LINK – Day 49. SOCIAL ANXIETY seems pointless to me. I feel silly to be scared of being in public

By hansoloind