Dating now, got a job, brain fog gone, more confident, better hair


I did it! Completed and crossed 365 days of NoFap! So much happy to complete one round around the Sun with NoFap and believe me that feels awesome. I am writing here just because this may help someone to motivate to start their journey towards better life. Believe me this feels so awesome. This is not like I completed this in one stroke, it took me two attempts to reach at this place.

Before many times I used to control it up to a week and always wanted it to quit this thing permanently. At first attempt I made it up to 3 months, I guess, that is from November 2016 to February 2017. Suddenly I relapsed, that made me so sad. While going through the comments I read, “Turn your guilt into determination” and it inspired lot, since that time I never look back after that.

I had wet dreams about 8 times in this one year, and that sounds like health.

It will not it happened just like a miracle but I am dating a girl now. It gives you confident to speak with people and girls like that.

Things goes much easier now.

In case you want to read my older post which I posted one month ago about what I feel and how my life changed, here is the link

Feel free to Inbox me if any help needed to start this wonderful journey. 🙂

…and yes, never gonna start that shit again. Hoping to have real sex soon 😉 Thank you, /r/NoFap!

LINK – It’s my NoFap Anniversary, guys! I did it! Very happy!

EARLIER POST – One month to go to celebrate NoFap anniversary!

I will complete the one year of ‘noFap’ on this 21st of February, isn’t it great? Makes me feel proud too!

But I had to tell that I had wet dreams about 3-4 times in this period. Well, wet dreams just made me little relax than being on top of horny state, that feels great though after wet dreams. Lol.

One question, when will wet dreams will stop. I had first two wet dreams in three months of interval. 3 and 4th had only one week gap. Is it normal?

What I experienced so far in this journey,

  • I am much active now.
  • Brain fog, gone.
  • Was struggling to get job, joined at local company (NoFap gave me confidence and by always keeping me motivating)
  • My hairs got better now (As my friends said)
  • My working hours increased, I can still do other things after coming back from company.
  • As been porn addicted and addicted fap, I became some greedy type of person. I had no choices in choosing the partner.

It was same like others for me also, I also used relapsed but once I was on NoFap and did fap, I was feeling guilty. So I searched some threads and I found a comment that changed everything. That comment was, ‘Convert your guilt into determination’! I found that so encouraging and I am here now.

Hope this helps someone and encourage for NoFap. It’s bad thing.

P.S.: English is not my native language, please ignore wording mistakes. Thanks.