Day 21 – After a couple weeks, PIED seems to be going away

Well… Here I am! I started posting on this sub when this streak starts, Sept 27th around 8am local time. This is the same time that I deleted my 1TB porn stash that was collected over 10+ years. Let me tell you it has been a journey so far. I quit because I noticed my porn use was negatively impacting my relationship, my education, my work, and my friendships. I decided to prioritize my happiness and joy over edging and 10 seconds of pleasure at the end of it.

The first few days I didn’t notice much if anything, other than my urges. Then from days 3-15 or so, I was definitely suffering from bad PIED/dead dick. I couldn’t get hard at all (even with help from my partner) and my sex drive was pretty much non-existent. It was really disheartening/embarrassing for this to happen continually. I never really had PIED while watching porn until close to the very very end and that was one reason I stopped watching so it was hard to experience 10X while trying to better myself. Regardless, I powered through the embarrassment, supported by my gf (she doesn’t know explicitly Im doing this, but she is always supportive of everything I do so I felt that through this), and here I am! PIED symptoms appear to have begun to lift and not be as severe – I can get hard and have a good time now.

I do think a lot of it was psychological, but some of it was definitely nerves resetting in my genitals as I could feel NOTHING for a few days and it was like my dick shrunk/went backwards cause my skin went over the head as if i had a foreskin but I do not lol. Not happening as much now so thats good!

If anything this has motivated me to keep going. I’ll be at 90 days the day after christmas and that is my short-term goal. Long term I want to kick this for good. Im noticing I look at my gf differently now, I want her intimacy versus porn or omegle or anything like that. Grateful for the support of many from this sub!

Keep up the hard work! It is so worth it so far 🙂

LINK – Day 21 – 3 Weeks Porn Free!!!!!

By – u/addictthrowaway69420