Day 40 to 60-ish was a nightmare. Play guitar better than ever and music sounds sooo good. Quit weed.

Seems like just the other day I found this community and embarked on this journey.Then every post was” If you start No Fap today on Christmas you’ll hit day 100.”Well here I am sharing my success with you guys .Boxing Day though..

I’d like to start of with what helped me succeed;

•Got a 100 DAY HABIT Chart stuck it to my wall where I’d see it every day for accountability

•Found some article on the internet that helps block sites :went on to use the command to block all porn sites individually on my laptop

•Got a rubber bands.(For My Wrists)Seriously helped anytime my dick started taking control…Helped bring the attention back.Rubber bands are your best friend on this journey.

•The most pivotal one though was changing my Identity.See at the point i was starting this was only sub conscious to me but later as I came to find out “It’s one thing to want to quit No fap and it’s sth totally different to be someone who doesn’t masturbate “For a little more reference..when you pick up and instrument the goal isn’t to learn it but to become a musician.

The Reality and My Journey

• Flatline is Fucking Real Boys.Day 40 to 60-ish was a nightmare.Honestly thought it was never going to end .Depression,anxiety,brain fog,fatigue,sleeping all the time .Dropped working out during this time .But it ends guys.

•The girl super power thing .Experienced it on my first 30 days.Quite short lived.Came to understand it’s cause of the sexual energy you transmute .Your Vibe to be frank.Day 100 though talking to females has become super easy.Nothing comes easy though.You have to take action ,like everything in life

• Started reading.Day 70 to now .Productivity came in.

• Play guitar better than ever and Music sounds sooo good .(Weird thing as well is sad songs don’t appeal to me any more )

•Friendships have become way better!

•Manifestation was jokes at times.

•Stopped smoking weed.It just made no sense .This journey made me face my insecurities head on.

What I’ve Learnt;

•Just because you stopped doesn’t mean all success will come raining down on you .You have to put in the work .Take action.If it’s the girl you want,do sth about it.If it’s the rock hard body,pick up heavy shit and put it down.

•Just because you hit 90 days don’t mean you made it .Don’t slip up .Your lizard brain will always lie to you .You’ve managed to break/manage your bad habit but it will always be lurking somewhere in your lizard brain just waiting for an opportunity.Stay strong.

•You honestly have to really want this.There’s no two ways .Stop feeling sad for yourself and get your shit together.Create a system ..Fuck the goal .A system is how you’ll make it out. Once you have a system..leave this community maybe visit every 30 days.(Why i say this is cause when i started I would see pple relapse all over..that’s necessarily not a problem,but it would trick my feeble lizard brain to want to relapse as much as this sub will help you it’s not the best environment to be in if you really wanna stop).Go work on yourself.

P.S This community has some of the loveliest chaps I’ve seen on the Internet.Kudos to you guys .

Btw English not first language and I sorry for post that’s all over the place and long.Also non of your business, but first ever post on reddit.Be Nice:)Lol

Also ..your journey is going to be totally different from everyone’s.So don’t worry and just try and live ..sadness and happiness are just emotions.Most days will be the same .Nothing special is going to come out of this .Sth special is going to come out of you working on yourself .

Happy New Year

LINK – Day 100 Today

By kasu_dreamer