Day 50 and I feel alive

I have had a few moments where I have been close to caving in and relapsing, wondering when I’m going to see any of these benefits. Then suddenly about a week ago I began to gradually notice how calm I have been recently, with clearer thoughts, less brain fog and reduced levels of anxiety.

It takes time but it is well worth the effort. I feel a lot happier in myself and much more confident. My attention span has also improved a lot. I have also been doing meditation for 15-20 mins every evening, limiting my use of social media and smart phone use in general and been doing a 2 day 24hr fast every week. Without no fap I would never have had the motivation to even try.

Keep going and don’t give up.

I am confident I will never go back to using porn again.

LINK – Day 50 & I feel alive

by cotch086