Day 574 – All it takes is a decision


Five years ago on April the 24th 2018, I decided to quit porn for good. I still remember that morning vividly. I had just blown an hour or two masturbating while trying to find the “perfect” picture. Afterwards, I remember staring at the screen hating myself for wasting so much time on doing absolutely nothing of worth. For whatever reason on that morning, something inside me just clicked and I said enough of this shit! It was time to take charge of my life and quit once and for all.

I had read YBOP before, probably ten years ago after my first sexual encounter that went bad, however, I only stuck with it long enough to get my dick functional again and “get” a girlfriend. Thus, I didn’t do it for myself or all the right reasons. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with doing this to get a girl or to fix your relationship with your wife, or even just to fix your dick. However as for me, real change only happened when I finally decided to do it just for myself and nothing else. Everything else is just icing on the cake!

The decision

It hasn’t been an exactly perfect streak as you all know, but I tell you what, the man I’ve become and the goals I’ve accomplished since that day are hard to fathom compared to who I was just five years ago.

For all of us here, there is undoubtedly a BQP and AQP (before quitting porn and after quitting porn) moment, and that day for me was assuredly it. There was no lightening coming down from the mountain, or portents echoing down from on high. No, there was just a sense of steady resolve that I could put this nonsense behind me once and for all. I remember on that morning, not even an hour “clean”, walking to my job with pride in my footsteps because I had finally decided to quit.

Have you decided to quit porn today? Because all it takes is a decision. Sure, you might have a few bumps along the road, but that initial decision is all it takes to get your life heading in an entirely different direction.

F–k porn!

By: Blondie

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