Age 29 – 60 days: From insecure guy to dating 4 girls. Numerous benefits.

So something incredible has happened! I have reached 62 days! And let me tell you all. Everything has changed in the last two weeks. From around day 45 I started to notice a ton of benefits coming my way. And not only small changes but life-changing changes. I have listed them below


Increase in confidence
As a person, I have always felt insecure in myself. I never felt I was good enough. I always felt like everybody was better than me. Within the last couple of weeks, I am starting to feel real inner confidence. I acknowledge myself. When I’m looking in the mirror I think I look handsome. My inner dialogue is always very positive. It’s just a life-changing experience to feel to content with myself!

More motivation to eat healthier
I used to eat a lot of products like chips and candy. But the last couple of weeks I haven’t felt the need for unhealthy food. Especially sugar which I had a mild addiction to.

More Positive

It has been much easier to feel positive.

Women Attraction
A very controversial topic. However, don’t buy into any of that passive magic bs. You have to take action to get girls! I have experienced that when I take action, girls are so much more attracted to me. I have been on 4(!) dates the last two weeks. And I haven’t been rejected a single time. All girls have been wanting to go on a second date with me. I even had sex with two of them (and one of them, she’s writing to me constantly that she want to meet up and hook up some more). This positive feedback from girls has just made my confidence so much higher. It’s like an upward spiral who makes me more and more confident. Before this NoFap 60-day streak, I only had sex with one girl my entire life! So women attraction is very real if you start to take action and better yourself.

Better physique
My training results have also significantly improved. My body is getting more toned. I also had the energy to be more consistent with my training.

I have experienced a ton of benefits in relations also to my mind getting clearer, but for me, the above benefits are the ones I appreciate the most


Meditated every 2 days

Exercising 5 times a week

Been Eating healthy


The biggest struggle for me was to go beyond 45 days. Before that, I had experienced suicidal thoughts, severe depressing, low self-esteem, and many negative consequences. But once you pass that stage it will change your life completely!

LINK – Day 60 – From Insecure Guy to Dating 4 Girls at a time!