Day 90 – Finally found love, Cured ED, Quit gaming for good, Started living the life I always wanted to live

I finally reached day 90 for the first time in years of trying to quit watching porn. You guys has been an awesome help to me in this journey I’m really lucky to have such a community.

I finally found love and got a beautiful girlfriend. I quit gaming and start going out more and having random conversations with strangers. Started learning instruments I’ve always wanted to learn but couldn’t.

My ED is cured and now I have a rhino rock hard erection and long-lasting ones! It’s been really tough not to relapse but whenever I felt weak, I will visit this sub or remind myself of the reason why I quit in the first place.

The promise land is real guys, please don’t give up no matter what. I hope everyone of you my brothers reach it one day.

From my bottom of my heart thank you for everything.

LINK – Day 90 finally, found love, cured ed, quit gaming for good, start living the life i always wanted to live.

by SuccessfulAlpha