DE cured, one of the best orgasms ever


Before I was beating my dick 7 times a week. Sometimes more. My dick wasn’t fully erect during sex. I could not orgasm during it. It all just felt so boring. After 12 days, me and my gf had sex and I busted ALL KINDS OF NUTS. It was one of the best orgasms I’ve had and I dont think I’ve ever came that much. It felt like I could’ve filled a whole coke can.

Before my dick would go soft when switching positions and such. This time it was rock solid.

All good stories come with a sad part and that is that I relapsed on the 13th day. But this time Im more motivated than ever. Thank you guys for everything. Nofap made me feel so much more confident. I didnt take shit from nobody, I felt so much stronger both mentally and physically.

It was the first time I’ve felt like a true alpha. I want to experience that again. And Im fucking going for it. No brakes on this train baby. My dick might not be big but that shit is harder than diamond.


LINK – NoFap saved my sexual life and I’ve never been happier

By throwawaydptcom