Age 19 – DE healed, girlfriend says sex is much more passionate, I’m cool around people now

I just had to share this cause I’m pleased with myself haha.

We had some amazing sex and she admitted to me afterwards that before no fap she though sex was good but no where near as good as it is now. She went through a period of not wanting sex anymore but now she wants it all the time and she says it’s so much more passionate.

She also went onto say that since then I’ve improved so much as a person and she says I’m so cool around people now and that I’m happy and smile a lot more now.

Just had to share this with you my fellow fapstronauts. No Fap has changed my life so far and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

I had sort of minor ED like my dick wouldn’t get as hard during sex than when I watched porn if that makes sense. When me and SO used to have sex I would take forever to come and it would need to be in doggy style. Overall just a bad time and i ended up not wanting sex as much because of the things above. I just knew I had to make a change and I knew porn was the problem from learning about no fap in the past.

So I started it and I’m currently on my longest streak ever!

[More emotion] is one of the main benefits. She also told me that when we argue now I show like more emotion and fight more for what I believe in.

No fap with a relationship may look easy from the outside as guys probably think you can substitute fapping with sex and while that is true sex causes the “Chaser Effect” which is when you have severe urges 1 to 3 days after sex. Every time I relapsed in the past it was with a couple days of sex.

[We have sex] around 2 to 3 times a week. I used to only be able to come in doggy style and it took me forever. But now I can come in any position and it feels so much better.

[After 46 days] I’ve still got some stuff to fix. My motivation isn’t amazing so I’m trying to fix that the now. Other than that my social anxiety has mostly went away and my sex problems too

She knew that I watched porn and she thought it was normal. And I’m the first person she has had sex with so she had no one to compare to. But I knew there was a problem just hearing how sex was different from my friends. If I’m totally honest I didn’t tell her I had a porn problem but I told her I was gonna quit porn and masterbating and she didn’t seem to mind it. I don’t think she fully grasped that I had a problem. But I’ve told her now and she’s glad I’ve quit it!

I’m 19.

LINK – Girlfriend admitted to me that since I’ve started No Fap, sex has became amazing for her and she wants it so much now as a result.

By EthanC5512