Dealt with mental illness and deep depression, now I got my drive back and social skills back and am dating my crush

As a guy who’s dealt with mental illness and deep depression for most of my life due to trauma, I once read a book on C-PTSD, and there was a section about how people with it can become highly addicted to porn. This terrified me because I knew it was me and I was terrified this is how my life would go, that I’d never really date again and that girls I had experience with previously were just random chance and based entirely on getting lucky by meeting people through acquaintances or at parties and I’d never get those situations again.

Well, thanks to NoFap, I got my drive back and my social skills back. I spent my whole life never asking a girl out. I had gf’s before but only because they were brave enough to make it obvious they liked me or to ask me out themselves. I never asked a girl out in person, never asked a girl out online. I was terrified of rejection and never had the drive to push through it and take the risk. Not to mention I had an anxiety disorder on top of the anxiety anyone with little experience has at the thought of asking out a beautiful woman.

Well, thanks to NoFap, that ability to take risks surfaced, I asked the girl out, she at first seemingly friendzoned me but I felt the attraction was strong so I pushed through and we spent our Christmas together making out and having sex. I was terrified at first that I wouldn’t be able to please her but she loved it and even bought me breakfast after.
I’ve unfortunately relapsed a lot lately after my 42 day streak because of her sexting me and taking photos for me heavily since then. That said I’ve only relapsed to fantasies and photos of her so I hope that it doesn’t reset my progress quite so severely.

Good luck fellas, pull through, you’ll find a new drive within you for life and all the things it has to offer.

LINK – I just wanna say, Thanks to NoFap, I not only asked out my crush, I slept with her and made a lot of friends.

By CodeineCowboy