Deep in your heart you want to be loved

Your Brain on Porn

I know many would probably say: Go do Cold Showers or Eat Clean with less protein and less sugar or go Pray when you feel any urges.

But for me it was only one Statement or one Message what has helped me the most and this was:

“The Heart of every single Woman is more worthy to appreciate and be fascinated about than falling in Love in the Appearance of that Person”…and this includes Nudity.

Deep inside of your Heart you know that Sex doesn’t make you happy. You want to be understood you want to be loved.

You want to hug a girl that see you with different Eyes. You want that this Person is able to show Compassion to you and vice versa.

(Of course this doesn’t mean that Sex is bad at all but if you don’t have that deeper level of understanding then this is destroying you…same counts for fapping to an Illusion)

The second thing that has gave me Power is listening to Quran ASMR which was read by Women. (Although I am an Atheist today this has helped me also)…but I am not listening to it anymore. It only took for me only the first 4 weeks to have a good start on this Journey.

The third thing that has motivated me the most is to know how it feels like to reach 90 Days. I have never reached that and failed since I started this NoFap Journey 2017. And this Year I was serious enough and curious enough to know so badly how it feels like to be there. And I have to say to you that I feel normal again.

Best regards to all NoFAP NoPMO Hard Mode/Monk Mode Guys.
Good Luck!

Source: Day 150: 5 Months of Success -My Success Story

By: Krillin1993