Dramatic physical, emotional and mental changes

I’ve been in a hard mode NOFAP for 3 months. One thing that changed dramatically is the quality of my skin. I used to have a very dry, irritated, peeling skin on my arms. Since Nofap my skin is glowing, it’s smooth, looks kind of oily and healthy. Combined with a sun-tan it looks so much better than before.

My nails changed dramatically too. I used to have small white spots on my nails and some nails weren’t even. Now my nails look healthy, even and there are no white spots anymore.

Bold spots in my beard are slowly filling in. My hairs are thinker and healthier too.

Last, but not least is my penis. It changed so much. It looks different, more manly, better defined. The skin on my penis is absolutely perfect now, it’s almost unreal. No spots or imperfections. The glans is also different – it looks super healthy, regenerated, glowing. The whole thing looks bigger and kind of sexy, no homo.

When I still was fapping my penis was kind of tired, not healthy, shrunk. I was fapping sometimes few times a day and then it looked even more tired and often with redness on the palish glans. Fapping also was making it smelly. I noticed that few hours after fapping I had a strong, unpleasant smell coming from the penis. It’s because some semen was staying inside of it and slowly was getting stinky. Now, I literally have no smell, it’s all super clean. It’s like I became a cleaner, more perfect person.

Makes me feel really confident and happy.

I am also eating healthy, working out and taking cold showers.

Mental changes are huge:

  • depressions are gone
  • anxieties are gone
  • confidence is up

I feel so confident round women that sometimes I have to force myself not to be too aggressive. It’s like I can kiss any girl, grab them and just don’t give a fuck about what they think about me. And girls like it, Jesus. Before I used to feel kind of awkward round girls, now I feel so relaxed and in charge and kind of bad ass. But at the same time it’s like girls lost their magic spells on me. I mean, I don’t feel they can manipulate me with their sexuality anymore. I had a job interview last week and the woman in the interview was wearing a super short skirt and her boobs were almost falling out of her bra. I didn’t feel awkward or tempted by her at all. I was super relaxed, confident and it’s just awesome.

Another huge change is the eye contact. I look directly into other people’s eyes, I feel so confident, they are often forced to look away. Women really like it too.

In the last 3 months I had more progress in my career than in the last 3 years. Incredible changes.

Now I understand why religions condemn masturbation and porno so much. It kills you as a man.

Nofap is simply incredible.

LINK – Nofap physical and mental changes

by WinterLifeguard