Early 20s – I’ve never felt more powerful or confident in my life


I’m currently over 200 days on monk mode and I’ve never felt more powerful or confident in my life to the point where I see other people taking notice of my confidence. Women don’t just hit on me, they pursue me. Men don’t just like me, they respect me. I don’t just feel good, I feel incredible.

I’m posting this as a reminder to myself to not fuck this streak up. Some days, like today, I feel like I am going to explode, but the following day I crush it in every way imaginable.

I know that to live tomorrow at my best, I have to persevere through today at my worst. I’ll be damned if I fail now.

I wake up around 5am, eat a small breakfast like water and a banana or oatmeal, lift for about an hour and a half based around this routine but used this routine to start, take a cold rinse, meditate for ~10 mins, make a full breakfast and have coconut water and almond milk (morning routine takes around 2.5 hours), premake a lunch (usually a sandwich and chopped veggies), go about my day, come home and do yoga, eat dinner somewhere between 5-7pm, work on music for a couple hours, take a lukewarm shower, then knock out. I don’t take fully cold showers at night or else I’ll be wired and won’t be able to sleep.

My routine changes on friday as I take a 45 minute nap when I get home so I can stay up and work on music more and sleep in on saturday. I also deleted all my social media accounts and only use reddit now occasionally. It took about 3 months to fully commit to this routine, but it’s so worth it.

For me, monk mode is basically hard mode (no orgasms or sex), plus no social media, eating healthy, practicing meditation, and focusing all your time and energy on improving yourself. I absolutely crave intimacy, but I forgo those pleasures to focus entirely on self improvement. I still talk to women and have even gotten way better at flirting (I was a flounder before lol), but I still wish to see more improvement in my life before I return to regular nofap.

I sort of get release through my music rather than through intimacy now. I don’t think monk mode is right for many people, but I was failing in so many aspects of my life that I felt it was the only way to really change myself for the better.

I’ve pretty much achieved the changes I’ve wanted, but I still have yet to secure a career change and to gain the physique I’m aiming for.

I haven’t had sex in 233 days, just full on self-improvement. I’ve only hit up a club/bar I think 6 times during this duration, as well, and I only go to dance and enjoy my time with friends.

[Wet dreams still occur on monk mode] it’s not full on semen retention, more of a total lifestyle change. Otherwise I’d have to reset my streak lol I can tell you that you’ll experience less and less wet dreams as your streak grows.

[Confidence]  happens as your self-doubt slowly melts away as you take full control of your life. Once you remove self-doubt, your confidence grows to no end. it happened gradually around 5-6 months as those things began to occur.

I don’t have the best self image but I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten more attractive, even my facial hair has filled out finally.

I’m in my early 20’s.

LINK – 200+ Days on Monk Mode