Early 20s – More creative & inspired than ever before


I’m in my early 20s. I started nofap sometime when I was in my late teens. I quit mostly because of symptoms from excess. It wasn’t until much later It became more of a spiritual thing. I got the usual benefits, more discipline & willpower, no feelings of guilt or shame anymore etc.

Also some practical benefits such as better use of my time doing productive things. I’m also a creative guy & for years I was never able to sustain long periods of inspiration but now I feel more creative & inspired than ever before. Ideas & concepts seem to spring into my head much more often lately.

Even when I don’t feel any inspiration, I seem to have developed the ability to come out of creative slumps much sooner and easier than before. So overall just better everything, including being more self aware as a person.

I finally did it after… 5 years of trying. that’s right, 5 years! That’s how long it has taken me to get to a point where fapping is now something I will never do again. Seriously, it will never happen again. Right now I’m somewhere around the 90 day streak, give or take some days ( I stopped counting, why count when I know I’ll never reset?)

But again I’ll repeat, it took 5 years of trying to get to this state. I failed many times but I kept get backing up and trying again until one day a ‘switch’ went off in my head and that was it for me, I knew I would never look back again. It might take you more or less time but you’ll never know unless you keep trying, it is worth it in the end. Even during the times I failed (and I failed a lot, spiralling out of control at times) that was still better than not having tried at all.

How did I do it? By far the most effective weapon against PMO was just avoiding temptation, this sounds simplistic & cliche it’s true. The more you avoid situations that cause PMO, the more chance you of have of succeeding. Secondly, remembering your lowest moments and worst times can be hugely helpful in learning to avoid that again.

Next time you are about to relapse, try to think about the last time you relapsed and how bad that felt, how unfulfilled you were still after deciding to fap. If you really remember and see that you don’t want re-live that same pain again, then you will be less likely to repeat the same mistake.

You know this already but PMO is a drug that makes you irrational. It’s hard to think in the heat of the moment unless you train yourself to do so. The more you train yourself to stop and really think before acting out, the less chance there is that you will still go ahead and PMO. Your impulses are strong and that includes the bad ones too, so you need to actively & consciously use your will to fight them. So remember, stop & REALLY think.

Do I still get tempted, yes! Will the temptation ever really go away, no! But will I give into it again, no. It took a while to get to where I am fellas and you can do it too.

To my religious brothers, also ask yourself this. What does god want for you? The answer is very obvious. Pray that God will give you the strength to do what right. Have faith & believe that what God wants for you is far greater than anything you could ever do with your own powers. Then you will experience true transformation.

LINK – After 5 years of nofap.

By burningbush2