Easier to focus, appreciate my relationships more


First off, I want to note five new changes in my life since starting this journey.

  1. I’m a better listener now since it’s easier to focus without a cloudy mind
  2. I’m dating a person I really care about and it feels much better than PMOing
  3. My relationships with my friends and family are better because I appreciate them more
  4. I have more energy because I’m not wasting my own time PMOing
  5. I’m happy because we only have this one life to enjoy so I’m going to do what makes me and everyone around me happy

For myself, the last 100 days was easy and like any being with sexual desires, I have urges but the best part is that it gets easier. As long as you keep your focus away from the negative things in life and focus on the positives, you can do anything.

Thanks for your help guys and I’m proud of this community!

LINK- What my 100 days were like

By manwholovesbreakfast