ED – 6 Month Report: No more ED, no longer suicidal. I feel free!

I feel so free!! Thanks to this community for the motivation and support!!

I am a much better person than i was 6 months ago!!

Onto the 1 year milestone!!



  • no cloudy conscience

  • no objectifying/ sexualising opposite sex

  • no longer suicidal or have negative thoughts

  • i seem to be more organised

  • increased motivation

  • i have had great conversations with women, no anxiety or low self-esteem

  • ED is sorted,

  • i have like zero urges (i keep occupied)

  • i am regularly working out and have started martial arts which i stopped when I started PMO over 10 years ago!

  • i find it easier to let things go

LINK – 6 Months! Half was to a year!

By – u/mysteryelyts