ED free since day 80. HOCD significantly decreased. Had more sex in these 250 days than in the previous 24 years.


That’s it. I’m halfway to 500 days. A random list of things that happened to me

– I still worry about erectile dysfunction but I’m 100% ED free since day 80.

– Sometimes I still think about my HOCD, but is decreased a lot.

– I feel my head burning sometimes, like I did at day 0.

– I have a girlfriend.

– I have regained interest in women, especially when I go hard mode for 15 plus days.

– I still feel that I’m not able to find a job because of my brain fog, like I was at day 0. I found 1 but i lost it in two months.

– I still can’t feel my libido most of the time but I know it’s there when I’m having sex.

– I’m working out hard. Physical condition better than ever.

– Had more sex in these 250 days then in the previous 24 years.

– Sometimes suffer of PE, last less than 10 seconds. Sometimes can last 1 hour and a half or even more.

– Life improved a lot but I’m not 100% happy. My demons are still inside me.

Thanx for reading this!

LINK – Half way to 500 days!

by phwrancesco