ED: From severe PIED for 10 years to getting aroused by kissing

Exciting update. So I informed my gf of PIED and and just opened up to her about what I does and how it’s an issue and I need her to be understanding. I am thankful she was because it felt so much better when we actually start to be physical… I don’t want to get into to many details for triggers. But all I can say is hardmode/and rewire truly work. I have had successful sex the past three days. Still have symptoms of PIED I am not fully cured but I was able to get it up, and us both orgasim multiple times. I am very happy with the results and I hope more can see that logging off and disconnecting from social media and physical and mentally connecting with someone is the best way to beat this issue. Still going to continue to be affectionate and passionate and try to be 100% I can get aroused by simply kissing now which was never a thing for me after 10 years of heavy heavy PIED.. I thought I was a lost cause but I can say I’m seeing nothing but results right now.

LINK – Proof that Hardmode/Rewire work

By – Redfire03