ED – My sexual function, libido and mental health have improved

hey guys, my counter probably isnt accurate idk, but i took some time to focus on myself and try to really stop the porn and masturbation. after a little bit of staying away (a few relapses, < 5 times pmo tho so still SEVERELY cut down the frequency) i finally decided to try again with a girl and holy cow the difference this all has made! my porn induced ED is completely gone without using any fun pills! i could actually feel what was goin on down on the meat! it didnt take me over an hour to finish! i dont buy into the whole “nofap gives you superpowers” or that it makes you more attractive or lets you get more women or all that, although ive always had a pretty easy time getting women and been fairly confident in the first place so maybe i just dont notice a difference, but in terms of sexual function and sex drive as well as general mental health the difference it has made is incredible!

take it from me, nofap is SO WORTH IT. stay strong yall

LINK – Success

By – u/aywhatupdog