Feel more connected to my friends; more confident around women; started meaningful projects

It feels weird being able to even post this. I could never imagine before being able to go 90 days without falling into the same old routine of beating it and wasting my energy and potential.

In the last 3 months I’ve….

– lost 15 lbs.

– feel more connected to my friends

– have started a number of meaningful passion projects that before would have seen overwhelming but I am somehow able to go forward with reduced anxiety

– going to the gym consistently (3-4 times a week for the last. 3 months)

– feeling more confident around women, finally starting to. Notice that “look” that people talk about recently.

Thank you to this forum for providing the support and motivation to go forward when times were hard and I almost relapsed. I’m forever grateful.

LINK – first time hitting 90 days, feels good. lets do 180

by squirrelshirt