Female – 412 days: Greater confidence, Have better relationships, More productive

I wake up every day consciously & subconsciously grateful that I don’t need to M, that I’m not a slave to my body and its old ways, because let’s be real, I used to do that every day, multiple times a day, for YEARS.

And why not, right? It feels good. But precisely, why not…because

  • I couldn’t concentrate
  • The foundation of my previous relationship was weak (lust is a poor foundation/reason to stay together)
  • Wasted a lot of time
  • Wasn’t confident

But now, I knowwww I’m strong, because it takes a lot to beat addiction. Guys/gals, keep fighting! Cuz it’s so worth it – we can get out of this &

  • Be confident
  • Have better relationships
  • Be more productive

Sure, there are days where I pause to fantasize, but I try not to linger cuz I’m wasting time & I used to literally wrap my legs in blankets to not tempt myself w them open lmao but now I don’t need to & that’s for me, great progress.

And I to reset so many times, and it was discouraging, but with accountability to yourself from others & encouraging others, you can do it! And once you do, why look back – you’re more than your addiction


by Miss Winnie