Female – Age 16, Been studying and working out

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I decided to do nofap after a cute guy hit me up one day. today is my 49th day and i feel good. looked at porn yesterday and didn’t even want to flick the bean.

for the past 49 days i’ve been working out and doing more productive activities, like studying for exams.

this is the longest i’ve gone without masturbating since i discovered it at age 9.

if you guys ever get the urge to masturbate, just resort to doing 20 pushups.

withdrawal was hell, but i got over it quick by working out daily. let’s take this coronavirus break as an opportunity to focus on productivity, i know you guys can do this!!

[More] I’m a virgin lol, if that’s what you’re referring to? I think NoFap should just be restricted to no masturbation, so I wouldn’t feel bad at all for having actual sex. To me, NoFap shouldn’t stop orgasming. So just enjoy having sex lol

I feel the same level of attraction for real people regardless of how much porn I’ve watched.

Porn is unrealistic. Even as a virgin, I know that. If that’s what you’re experiencing, just remember that porn scenarios don’t really look like sex at all, so don’t feel ashamed if your sex session didn’t look as satisfying as a porn clip. Porn shouldn’t be the ideal for what sex should be like. I can’t answer your second question because I have no sexual experiences haha.

LINK – 16F and abstained from beating it for almost 50+ days

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