Female Age 19 – Asked a guy on a date!

I finally did the thing I was always to afraid to do, I asked out a boy I had a crush on!!!!!!! So basically where my success begins is I finally completed a 30 day no pmo challenge.

I felt amazing after completing the challenge. I gained a lot of confidence and I started to feel more happy and feminine. I did relapse a couple days after the challenge, but no matter. I wasn’t too hard on myself and I didn’t completely go back into my old habits so I was still feeling the benefits.

So this led to today at work. Me and the guy I like are working the same shift, but different jobs. I was checking him out the entire shift and tried to get some alone time with him to tell him how I feel. I didn’t get any time during work so I finally asked if he wanted to go to dinner or something after our shift. He said he would love to make new “friends” and we exchanged numbers.

Then later that night we started chatting and he told me that I was cute and I said I thought he was really cute and then we chatted about other things and now were going to dinner on Sunday. Its literally Valentines day and I didn’t even plan to go out with him on Valentine’s day. This is literally never thought I would have the guts to asked a guy, especially due to insecurities, but I finally said fuck it and I did it.

Well actually he started texting a lot and he said I was really cute and had a crush on me as well. He just friend zoned me initially because he couldn’t believe a girl was really asking him out.

[to another] Tbh I dont care if he has self esteem issues cause I’ve had self esteem issues for years that im still working on. If anything, that would be hypocritical of me not be with him for that cause I would have loved someone to have asked me out when my self esteem was low.

Self-esteem’s a really hard skill to master and I havent mastered it yet. Tbh people say im a very strong and independent individual so I like to be treated as an equal, not like a dainty little air head that cant think for herself and has to always get men’s approval.

I’m just glad he likes me back tbh. I’m very inexperienced with dating, like this will be my first real date, so I dont have big expectations and im honestly mostly doing it for the experience.

[to another] Honestly I got hell of lucky because l were I work there are mostly girls and gay guys. Like he’s literally the only straight guy. Dont give up man. In all my years of living this is the first guy that I asked a guy out and has liked me back. Your time will come, wether at work or somewhere else.



LINK – Finally asked out a boy after being insecure all my life.

By Quiet Riot