Female attraction is REAL

like holy shit, i heard all these rumors and was skeptical as hell about it.

in the second week i noticed a girl in the corner of my eye who looked at me from the side for about a split second then smiled. initially i was happy but then i just thought it was coincidence or she was looking at something else or my brain was tricking me and dismissed it.

then come day 30 and the female librarians started greeting and farewelling me (they dont do this to anyone else) every time i went in the library. they were very eager to talk to me and always smiled in my presence. this is still happening btw. but i even dismissed this as politeness because of how skeptical i was.

a female acquaintance from my class also called me “sir” for the first time after 2 years.

then this week…

i was walking out of class and there were a group of girls sitting on the floor. seconds after coming out and walking down the hallway one said another siad i was her ex and she wishes she was. then another one called me her “future husband”. and they were smiling at me and everything.

keep in mind, prior to nofap i had ZERO female attention. females were repulsed by me if anything(got disgusted looks and reactions about once or twice). im low end average looking at best, currently borderline overweight and 5’9. its definitely not my looks. i wouldnt say its confidence either because the last case happened when i was tired and flatlining.

pheromones? jing? big dick energy? whatever it is, that shit fucking works. its like i have an aura around me from DBZ or some anime that causes them to lust after me.

LINK – female attraction is REAL

By Icepickthegod