Female – NoFap sisters: relapse can make cramps worse, and mates less appealing than porn

  • Enhanced focus, clarity, and motivation (same as men)
  • Relapsing during your period can fuck up your hormones and make cramps and other symptoms worse (this is important, I relapsed once during my period and my cramps hurt like hell for the rest of the day)
  • Higher energy levels, and generally better bodily functions (same as men for the most part)
  • Relapsing fucks up your estrogen levels and hormones, and also makes you more focused on PMO than actually finding a real guy (vice versa for men)

Don’t relapse, sisters. And brothers. Stay strong everyone. We’re all in this together <3

LINK – For all my NoFap sisters out there- benefits for women, as tested by me

BY Looms_the_Octoluma