Female – More emotional, sensitive and productive, Have confidence to go out and socialize (I’m an introvert)

my 31st day of nofap. I’m just wanting to reach a goal of 90 days. It actually goes by so fast! Here are some notable differences from these 30 days:

I’m gonna start with the bad side effects:
• I cry more like WAY MORE. There’s no way that nofap hasn’t played into this.
• I’ve been feeling just generally more sensitive and aware of my emotions.
• I feel horny obviously and it can distract me from my work if I’m not careful to concentrate enough.
• Simple sexual things like music can make me horny but not horny. Like I don’t actually have strong urges to go and masturbate. I just feel sexual.
• I feel an urge to go back into a lesbian toxic relationship (something I regret because I personally believe it’s a sin to have sex outside of marriage, never mind it being a lesbian thing. No hate though to anyone who is queer.)

Good Effects:
• I am more willing to work on what is bothering me because my emotions are so sensitive that I can’t just brush it off like I did my whole life.
• I feel proud of myself
• I have more time to be productive
• Nofap kinda gives me the confidence to go out and socialize (even though I’m an introvert)
• I don’t have to worry about masturbation and it’s negative impact on my life.
• It gave me more motivation to do my work because whenever I felt the urge to m, I realized that I should just be studying.
• I’m more mindful, therefore more thankful and using my time better and more productively.

This last one isn’t directly because of nofap, but I believe it’s a domino effect: I get up earlier in the morning and feel happier because I feel better about myself. It’s easier to get up.

LINK – I’ve done 30 days for the second time

by 19conquer