Finally hit day 90 after 2 years of relapses

90 Days of battling darkness through hell. Today I left that darkness & now am in light Decade & half were stolen and lost of my life.  Those years those months those days Will never come back, with them many opportunities were not taken, and regret will hunt me to the last breath As far as this body takes breath. With watching porn and fapping there was

Within demons

Being own worst enemy

Negative voices inside

Daily consciousness torture

Literally was a slave to my own inner critic

AND GOD LET NONE OF THEM PHASE ME, he loves me , so he guided me with faith and understanding We all can Journey From victims to a warriors

Before Nofap: 1-Jobless

2- College crush Left me after waiting 3 yrs for me to marry her (she waited n she knew i luv her but I missed up due to this habit) we used stay in touch thro IG and jst see each other in college

3- Zero confidence literally zero. Never approached my crush Who has beauty of Angelina Jolie as well as a strong personality. (She is getting married now)

4- Zero respect for myself.

5-Insane social anxiety (used Eat in college bathroom to avoid contact with people)

After Starting Nofap: 1-Got a job with high salary.

2-I swear to God , the hottest girl of my class picked me up instead of me picking her up.

3-confidence increased 10 times

4-Memory is much stronger and I can remember easily and rarely forget.

5-passed in college.

6-This is my favorite ( am so active in college and in classes girls approach me for help.) before nofap I used beg girls for help.

My advice to anyone doing nofap:

1-Quit social media

2-Must do meditation

3-Be busy developing confidence

4-Talk to people (girls especially to increase ur confidence)

5-Always always reward yourself completing a week (must must do this or y ll loose motivation.

6- When you have urges sleep immediately or go out skip even school if that means not relapsing.

Thank you everyone Wish you all the best

Edit: post went viral n so many of you showed loved n support thank u guys and sorry am not able to respond to everyone.

LINK – Finally Hit Day 90 after 2 years of Relapses

by rockisoo