Finding nofap has been the best discovery of my adult life: The benefits cannot be denied


Yep, it’s been 100 days. Finding nofap has been the best discovery of my adult life. I started nofap around the beginning of this year and the benefits cannot be denied:

  • Better cognition– I didn’t even realize the extent to which porn affected my brain until I got 4 c’s on my transcript and lost my love for reading because my intellectual stimulation was gone. College is not very easy, especially with a technical major, but I struggled more that the real me should have. But after joining nofap, this spring

    semester despite being the hardest(last semester, 7 classes), I had the best performance ever and I’m back on the dean’s list with all As and B+s. My mind has been so much clearer, I can think through and stay motivated even when thing don’t work out the first time. I went from being a struggling student to the person everyone wants to collaborate with. Oh and I graduated last week!

  • Better Interaction– I still can’t explain it but I’ve made and hung out with more friends since this year begun than the last 6 years of my life. I think it’s because I’m more comfortable and confident in my own skin.
  • I’m Bolder– I’ve also taken more risks and been more assertive in my interactions with other people. I summoned up the boldness to t network with random people that I never knew before and asked them to mentor me and they have really helped me in getting my career started by giving good advice. I recently accepted an offer right out of college at a fortune 500 company, thanks to their help and advice.

To anyone struggling with or about to give up on nofap, my advice is to stay strong. This one “small” thing will bring more reward than you expect. Do it for yourself, to be your best self. Yes, there may be people succeeding in life with PMO, but think about yourself first and be honest with yourself. If you feel that PMO has affected you even by 0.00000001% then give nofap a try and stay with it. I promise you will not regret it.

LINK – 100 Days!!!!

by squaremarshmallow