First date, enjoyed it although two girls showed up


I feel the need to thank this awesome community and movement. Quick introduction: I am more of a introverted (undercover) nerdy guy with no real personality or interests I really show.
The only things that save me are, that I got into fitness thanks to Nofap a year and a half ago, and of course the huge benefits of being on medium long no PMO streaks regularly.

A huge chunk of my friends are basketball players and had at least a girlfriend. It destroyed me seeing one of my friends after the other kissing girls I secretely liked and generally being socially active, getting invited to lots of parties, whatever. So of course, I had to cope still being a kissless loser with porn, more and more over the years, y’all know the drill.

Well me being me, always searching the easiest solution, set up an online dating acc. and got to know a girl I really liked, and today I finally had the balls to meet up with her and her girlfriend (probs thought I was a serial killer or worse, can’t blame her haha).

Long story short: The girl kinda catfished me with her snapchat filter pics, she was quite a bit more chubby than I expected her to be. But her gf is a real cutie. Turns out that during the evening we found out we attended the same old school and know many of the same people.

Talked a lot and made goofy stuff. At the end of the day I give her my number while bringing them home, and she wants me to go in her room with her and the girlfriend.
As she went in her house, I quickly hugged the original date and thanked her for the evening, got to my bike and drove home.
I have cuties’ number and next week I’m home alone. I’ll try hard not being too needy, promised!

So thanks brothers and sisters, don’t lose hope, cause apparently even a under average height kissless guy with kinda autistic traits can score sooner or later – WHEN HE UPS HIS TESTOSTERONE AND HITS THE GYM.

Take away messages:
1. Hit the gym, go running (noticed that many of the guys saying cardio is gay aren’t that fit and good looking?), practice hobbies that make you be more attractive.
2. Don’t lose hope guys. I certainly did. Just focus on being the best version of you and be patient.
3. Don’t trust snapchat filters. This is make up, but 3D. Actually quite amazed by the power of its deception it can have on you.
4. And of course, thank you all for fighting with me against the PMO devil. Without Nofap, my situation probably only would’ve gotten worse.

3 Sorrys:
For the wall of text
For language mistakes, I’m European.
Of course to you, original date 🙁 Really hope you will find the right one for you soon.

When I manage to be on longer streaks, the benefits of high Test are 100% there. Better rested, more focused, motivated, happy etc.

LINK – What. the. fuck. I went on my first date today & it went good, but not the way as expected

By darkslayer76