Five months hardmode at 22y

I’ve started this journey for emotional health matters. I expected nothing, but results came in many life areas.

Before 12 July, I felt a zig-zag loneliness for almost an hour. The inability to feel loved by family, friends, or even my little pup.

I tried NoFap four times. PMO quit successfully since the third. I doubted of success stories. How could one not “MO?” Isn’t it natural? Hey, even zoo chimps do it.

Yet natural doesn’t equal good. Animals gobble themselves in instinct due. If we solely relied on our bodily desires, society wouldn’t have even begun.

By the 65th day, it got easier. Almost no urges since it. Voice got deeper. Willpower improved. No flatline experienced ever.

As an autistic person, I thought a fast beating heart out of home was a normal dilemma. It was not. I now walk out of it with no social anxiety at all.

Like Bob from Dopamine Focused Warriors said, yes, it will give you once more the ability to fall in love. This might be excellent if you’re in a relationship.

Working out got 20% easier. Sense of humor returned. Bitterness mostly changed into an affability. As a dev, my code improves after long retention streaks.

Girls will find you more attractive in long streaks. I avoid no women, but nor I chase them. Hardmode is a consequence of love as a low priority. Plus that I would only have sex along with it.

I did over the time cold showers, a sweet-free diet, and zero coffee. I don’t think I would have the will to do it without NoFap.

Observe your feelings. If you don’t know how, Google it. Express gratitude. Eat healthily. Work out to burn the energy. Those things will hopefully help you as they did with me.

I felt like cheating. The NoFap community aided me much, so I had to thank you all. God bless. Stay strong. You’re capable and deserving.

Source: Five months hardmode at 22y – Thank you all so much

By: LearnerInLife