Flatline coming to an end after 220 days. I feel healthy sexual attraction now

I’m about 220 days into NoFap monk mode and I was flatlining for a LONG time but I seem to have emerged from the flatline and things are getting good. I have this strong appreciation for the beauty of females, both inner and outer, I’m feeling this love in my heart which is making me want to transform my whole life. I started meditating every morning and I’m getting pretty deep into it. I’m feeling all my desires coming back, and they all revolve around being all I can be to be a source of light and force of good in the lives of others and being able to help people. I’m finding that I love everyone which is what Ive always wanted.

I feel a healthy sexual attraction now, my sexuality has become healthy. I’m still suffering with anxiety and low self esteem but Ive found the key to transforming it. I’m feeling this wonderful force within compelling me to become the best I can be. Urges have started hitting me, urges to do drugs and things like this but Ive gained quite a lot of determination to walk the path of light and let go of the darkness that once gripped me.

I can see that 90 days is not for everyone, in my case I needed 200 days minimum. I’ll keep going with this well into the unforeseeable future so will see how things unfold over the next few months

LINK – Flatline coming to an end

By – Wancawi