Found an amazing girl!

So, I met this lovely girl in my class who was really lovely, and we went out on dates for about a month. It was great to get to know her, we have so much in common and she’s just amazing!

Anyway, we went on a romantic walk earlier this week, when I took her hand, told her how I felt and kissed her! It was incredible! Seems I’ve relapsed about 5 times this year and got to 200+ days before this, my productive lifestyle is now fulfilled. I’ve turned down superficial girls for someone like her so I’m so happy!

It’s not even about getting laid, I haven’t thought of that, it’s about finding someone special!

Just be the best version of yourself , and enjoy life!

Thanks so much to the whole community for all your support, I can’t believe how my life has changed!

LINK – Found an amazing girl!

by RedditUser2359