Age 21 – Four years ago, I was a kid who discovered NoFap. Now I am a man.

Has it really been another year since my last post? How are you all doing? I see this sub is still going strong.

It’s crazy, how fast the time flies. I’m about to finish my fourth year of NoFap and man, has it been a ride. I’m just trying to think how broken and pathetic teenager I was, when I started when I was 17, how many ups and downs I’ve had..

All in all, I’m doing much better than before. I think I’ve gone through a very crucial phase of life and I’m really glad that porn isn’t a part of it anymore. The self discipline really shows off in all fields. It has really helped me grow.

I can’t really find the right words as I’m processing all the thoughts and feelings, but everyone who is here, you made a big step already. If you chose to start NoFap, even better. It may be hard, you may find yourself failing, but if you keep at it, believe me, you’re doing a favor to yourself. Your future self. You will benefit from the things you learn when you become more open-minded if you’re not closed in your disgusting comfort bubble with porn. It really has a strain on the mind.

Stay strong no matter what my friends!

LINK – Four years ago, I was a kid who discovered NoFap. Now I am a man.

by filatura