From a guy who never realised his full potential, I now know how good I’m and what I can do in my life.


This is a post I dreamt of making ever since I began on my nofap journey. It’s been hard, very hard and has been one of the hardest challenges of my life. This is going to be a slightly long post so I request you all to be patient as you read.. trust me it should be worth it.

First of all let me explain a bit of myself and how I was as a person during my PMO cycle… I came across porn at age of 12 and ever since I had been a regular fapper.. 1-2 times per day. At this point of time till I was around 18 I don’t believe I was a pornography addict, like I could have probably gone few days without not fapping as well.. I had a very good school life.. I was good in academics.. I was a good footballer and I have been the school prefect as well.. so to be honest I never really had a rotten adolescence. But I never had a girlfriend at any of this time. To let you know, I’m basically a good looking guy (lol) as I’ve been told by a lot of females by now..

One more important factor I’d like to mention though was my addiction to facebook. I really really genuinely believe social media fucked up my life in a lot of ways. I used to spend 4-5+ hours every day and waste my time on it. So I highly recommend you all to quit social media to get the best benefits. So now I’ll move on to when really I started getting the effects of PMO.

I loved a girl at the age of 19.. that was the first time I really fell in love. But as you could imagine, like any other guy who does PMO I never had the confidence to really get her, but I did gather up the courage to tell her my feelings and you see I was friend zoned. I really loved her a lot and this incident had a huge impact in my life. I lost all hope in me.. I went onto severe depression. I started getting more addicted to escape routes like PMO and this is when I became a heavy porn user. I started becoming one of those guys who just liked sitting at home, surfing Facebook all day, fapping and playing video games. A brain that’s constantly fueled with dopamine and I started to become a total loser. This continued for a long while.. atleast for an another 3 years. Later I get admission into med school (through a merit seat, all this while my studies were never affected though, I could sit and mug up books really well).

I go through a horrid first year, almost zero interaction with girls which makes me even more addicted to fapping… This continues over till my 4th semester when one fine day I come across this beautiful reddit topic called nofap. I’ll tell you why I started this. I didn’t start this to have a better life or anything.. my prime reason to start this was that on that day when I was trying to Jack off I just imagined how much different it would be if my d was in a vagina instead of my hand. Would I still be able to cum? I started having fears about it.. I started getting anxious and I tried all sorts of ways to just move my d instead of moving my hand over it to cum and guess what I couldn’t. This really scared me. I realised I have reached to the point I need hard fapping to cum and I needed porn to excite me really and that’s when I really begin the search on Google about it and I come across this.

Well.. it doesn’t start here. It was on the day beautiful day of May 18 2017 I realise about nofap. And I begin… I feel so amazing going one day without fapping. I feel very refreshed and good but like any other who goes with his first attempt I fail. I go for just 4 days. And this continues… My life starts to get worse because of the obsession over nofap and why I keep relapsing always and I feel like a total loser and worse because I’m not able to complete it. I then later delete all my social media.. that was on 21st September 2017.. All this while my longest streak was probably 18 days… I kept failing and it made me miserable. Just a remainder that I have zero girl interaction even at this stage. Later the year I have my university examinations and I try to continue my nofap journey through it but it doesn’t work. I fap. I feel miserable.. I had to fap cos of my stress over studies.. so I fap till the last day of my exam which was January 10th 2018. And that was the last time I have ever fapped. Whatever has happened since then is the greatest thing that has occurred to me… Now to the success story….

I make up the decision firmly to never fap again and in this new semester, I’m doing it all to become better socially and personally. I was a very skinny tall guy weighing around 60kg at the time.. so I decided to bulk myself up and join a gym. I start working out every evening very hard. Gym and personal development becomes a huge obsession for me and I start to bulk up and get ripped and people begin to appreciate me.. (so this naturally increases your self confidence and you feel more presentable to the society). On Feb , there was this university football tournament. As I always told you I was a great footballer but the past two years I was not myself and I never could showcase my true talent. I called upon this as an opportunity to prove myself and wow.. like a charm I perform great. And I get great recognition..and for the first time from girls. 😉

That’s when it all begins.. later the next month I begin to take part in college events (for the first time in my life) I play a skit and do a dance. (I have never danced my whole life lol) and it goes out to absolute perfection and that day changed my life.. I was on day 59 when that happened. Girls were all over me bro.. like ALL OVER. I got to know a lot of girls were crushing me.. they wanted to ask me out.. they wanted to know if I’m single and all that you know. I felt like a fucking star.

And well I am a fucking star in college now. From a loser whom no one knew to an absolute star. This is when the best thing happens.. I get in touch with an absolute gem of a girl who’s come and changed my life and for the first time and I get real intimate connection with a girl.

So to sum it all up.. from a skinny guy I became built. From a lot of social anxiety I became extremely socially confident that I got to dance on the stage with swag (lol). From a guy who never realised his full potential , I now know how good I’m and what I can do in my life. I AM EVERYTHING I WANTED TO BE RIGHT NOW and I want to let you know that nothing in life is impossible. All it takes is a second where you make a firm decision to stop fapping and and keep the same levels of motivation throughout.

I strongly recommend you again to delete social media totally from your phone as this can cause a lot of time waste and dopamine release just like porn. I actually believe quitting social media was as important as quitting porn for me. I just love my life now and you will to, if you have commitment and a true will to succeed. Thanks for your time 🙂

LINK – Day 109 – My success story – I never knew this life would happen.

by abz_medico