From considering surgery for ED to some of the strongest erections of my life!

So my journey into the world of fapping and the dangers of porn really started in the Royal Marines, surrounded day and night by a bunch of hairy-assed blokes and locked up most weekend with no access to the fairer species, porn became a necessity to survive.
It was part of the daily routine, get up, get in the shower have a wank (as you were’t getting any, any other way) and start the day…I remember once having to stand guard duty for 4 hours, before leaving to my post my commanding officer handed me a few porno mags and advised me the best way to stay awake was to see how long I could tug one off for without blowing my load…I managed an hour and a half!
Needless to say when I left the Marines this habit stayed with me.
Now I’ve always been obsessed about health and pretty good with the girls so when I started suffering hydraulic issues I just put it down to not being turned on enough by the ladies. However after months became years and the problem got worse and worse I could no longer chalk this up to being their fault anymore. (And I don’t think I’d ever really believed this it was just a handy excuse to blame it on external factors rather than asking the hard questions)
When it reached a point when I could literally not get an erection in front of girls who drove me wild, I knew there was a problem.
I slowly started shrinking inside. I felt like a failure, like a half man, I even realistically considered becoming a monk…though I’ve never had any religious out goings…it just seemed a good way to not have to face the shame of my disability.
I saw NLP experts, I took copious amounts of Viagra, hell I even considered hugely expensive surgery (thank god I couldn’t afford them as I would have gone through with them as well.)
In the end I simply decided to never have sex again and leave it at that. Girls were too much hassle anyway I told myself. And so I did for several years…total abstinence. After all I had my online girls, they were my solace in the wake of the loss of human flesh, they didn’t answer back and I didn’t have to remember their birthdays.
Then I came across “Your Brain on Porn.” I read it, I re read it, I visited the website and read about other mens stories…I didn’t believe, it.
I had a real problem, not like these lucky buggers who could just give up porn and hey presto…
My problem wasn’t that easy to fix.
But after several torturous lonely months I thought, “what the hell it can’t hurt to try.”
So I did…
A month later I woke up with my first morning glory in about 7 years.
And they kept coming.
I tentatively rang up a few old “friends” and invited them for dinner…
Well damn….
I had normal sex without hydraulic issues. In fact I had some of the strongest erections of my life.
I wasn’t having to think of any NLP mind tricks, I wasn’t having to concentrate or distract myself to get it up. My penis had a mind of its own and it wanted to make up for lost time…I couldn’t control it, but in the way I wanted, it sprung to attention like I was 16 years old again.
Since that day I haven’t so much as watched an online video or flicked through a porn mag.
But the results go so far beyond simple hydraulic issues. Massively improved mental clarity, a huge amount more drive and willingness to engage in the world, seeing in technicolor rather than black and white and a lust for life itself that I just hadn’t had all those years of fapping.

Hope that helps!

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